The Begining

Here’s the scoop on the coop…THE BEGINING

My BFF decided we needed our own layers instead of getting eggs from her, said it’d be a good “homeschool” project for the kiddos. I say “No Biggie! I can handle 3 chickens” and so I brought them home.

My MIL and FIL owned a dog kennel before she passed away in ’07 and had a dog pen that was used for a whelping house for bulldog mommas. It was nice and big inside (perfect for a coop) had a 12 foot run for the dogs (perfect for a yard) and had tin on top (perfect to keep out rain) and had tin around the base of the run to keep puppies in (perfect to keep predators out).

I got my first eggs about a week after we brought them home, adjusting to the new home and feed. This is the point where I decide to get some babies. After all, chicks are adorable!

This is what started my endevor into becoming a “Tree-Hugger” and by this I mean a “Living-Off-The-Land” kind of thing, not a “Because it’s good for the environment” thing.

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