Forgot to tell you how I got Lucky. Hmm, that don’t sound very nice! Let me re-phrase! How I got the rooster and how he got his name. LOL MUCH BETTER!!

Anywho…My FIL was at the BFF’s helping her DH butcher chickens they had gotten from the Amish. FIL thought we needed a rooster, after all, ladies need a man around! LOL So out of 30+ roosters Lucky was named, tied up and put in FIL’s back floorboard and brought to us.

Yes, you read that right! FIL tied his legs together with some string and stuck him in the floorboard of his CAR–WITHOUT a bag or anything–and drove him home!

I have a problem with anything being loose in the car, one day I may share the story of the snake in the suburban….I no longer have the suburban….long story….for another day!

So, that’s Lucky’s story. Short and Sweet!

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