The Babies

So DH and I go to Orschlen’s with “The Crew” and pick out 6 of the cutest baby chicks EVER! (Keep in mind, I’m a city gal and I’ve had cats, dogs, and the occasional fish-and I’m not really a farmer I just play one on TV. LOL) As a matter of fact, I didn’t know what KIND of chickens I had until 4 days ago! The BFF and I were discussing what I needed to do to get baby chicks in the spring and figured I’d better figure out what they were. Lucky and they layers are “eaters” and I’m not really sure what they are…I looked at pictures of chickens online….that didn’t help. LOL  But, I remembered seeing sex link pullets on the sign when I picked them out, but being the city gal I am, I thought that meant they were girls, I didn’t realize that was the breed. It was real easy to find them online though! LOL I just found 6 that were cute, ran away from me the fastest (I thought that meant they were healthier) and were bred for egg production.

So, 6 babies-3 red, 3 black, made it home in a box smaller than a Happy Meal box at 10:00 PM because, being the “farmers” we are, we got a wild hair at 6:00 to drive the 25 miles to get them. Once we got there we decided to look at them for an hour, look around the store, and look at the chicks AGAIN to pick them out and drive 25 miles BACK home!

Remember I said 10:00 PM? It’s hard to see at 10:00 PM! We get out the flashlights, crate, water bowl, and feed bowl and trapse to the coop. We shoo the layers out in the run so they aren’t trying to escape out the door, set the crate (which is one of those portable wire dog crate things), get the food and water in. As I’m setting the water in I hear one of the chicks making all kinds of racket. Teddy, the chow dog, decided to pick one out of the box (guess he thought it was a 6 pc. nugget happy meal too). Luckly, he’s a good listener and when I turned around and hollered, he dropped the chick. So at 10:45 we finally have all 6 chicks in their new home, the layers and Lucky back inside and all is well!

Next, we’ll hear about “The Snake”

The Rooster, Hens, and Babies (now refered to as “The Ladies” since I’m getting eggs)

Lucky     Broody     Spike     Stubby and the Babies (no names yet!)


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