Hast thou any here besides?

Genesis 19:1-16

In Genesis 19, Lot, his wife and his 2 daughters were spared from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. When you read the passage did you notice how Lot went to his sons and sons in law to try to get them to leave the city, but they thought him “as one that mocked”? Had Lot lost his testimony? If he was a godly man, wouldn’t his family have listened, knowing he feared God?

When Lot and his family were fleeing the city, the Angels had to grab them by the hand and make them leave. Have you ever noticed that Lot, his wife AND his daughters all had an empty hand that they could have used to grab someone and take them out of the city as well?

Have you lost your testimony?

Do you seem as one who mocked?

Who’s hand are you trying to grab before the Lord returns?

If you answered “yes” to either of the first two questions or have no answer for the third, it’s ok. RIGHT NOW, plan on changing that! Ask God to forgive you and to help you to change that! He knows we fail, but it’s the pick yourself up and dust yourself off attitude that God is looking for.

Go out and fix your testimony. Make sure you’re living what you say you believe so you don’t seem as one who mocked. Go out and get someone’s hand and take them to Heaven with you, after all, it’s the only thing you can take when you leave.

I heard this message preached by Bro. Stacy Vallines at a revival about a month ago and it’s really stuck in my mind. It asked me some questions that I just honestly didn’t want to answer. But I thought about my testimony, do people see Jesus in me? How about my hands, are they empty or are they reaching out to someone to bring them out of the fire? God is wonderful and forgiving! And the convicting spirit of the Holy Ghost is a blessing sent straight from Heaven!


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