The Snake And Little Girl

The Snake

One morning DD2 goes out to the coop. She comes in hysterical. “One of the babies is dead!” So I go out to check to see what’s going on in the coop. There at the edge of the cage lays one of the little black chicks (they are about 9 weeks at this point, so they’re getting big) all stretched out like one of the rubber chickens you see in a joke store. I get the shovel and take out the poor little thing and set it on a sawhorse that’s next to the coop. I’m curious as to what happened to the thing, it doesn’t look like anything is wrong with it. There’s a little gooey schmutz on it’s head, but I figured it was poo from the other chicks.

I get the baby chick in a bag and put on the back of FIL’s pick up. We had just burned the trash and I didn’t want the dog and cats out there eating it and getting the taste of chicken and wanting some more! While talking to FIL, he says it looks like it smothered. And I come to the natural conclusion that it was a snake. FIL AND DH think I’m crazy, “snakes can’t get in that coop” they say “besides, the rooster will get them if they do.” I’m not as convinced as they are, so I go on believing a snake got the chick.

2 weeks later…Little Girl

I get another “white lady” from BFF, another saved from the chopping block because she was so tiny, she was 12 weeks old and was about 1/2 the size of my 11 week old chicks, so she was named “Little Girl.” The babies do have names btw, I just can’t tell them apart, the kids say they can, but I sure can’t. I’ll try to get names and pictures of them later.

By this time, the babies and the layers are loose together and they seemed to have a pecking order pretty well in control. THEY DO NOT LIKE LITTLE GIRL! So I put the crate back in the coop and separate her, thinking if they see her long enough in there they’ll be used to her by the time she gets big enough to fend them off.

A couple days go by, nothing spectacular to report. Then one morning I go to check the coop, glad it was me and not one of the kids, they would have FREAKED OUT! There curled up in the corner under one of the milk crates is a black snake checking out what he thought would be his next meal. Thank the Lord DH was home and I was able to pry the snakes nasty head down until DH came and chopped it off for me. That bugger was about 5 feet long. (and I’ve got experience with ones about that size…rainy day story)

Well, Little Girl and the others were safe for a while longer. Then about a week later I hear frantic yelling from the coop again. Little Girl somehow managed to get her head stuck in one of the bars and broke her neck. So at this point I’m down to the 3 white ladies, Lucky, and the 5 babies. I didn’t do so great with death to start, but I hear that’s just part of farm life and I’m learning slowly to deal with it.


Next…Moving “The Ladies” to their new home. And Lucky too.

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