Moving the coop

Here’s a little background on the events leading to the moving of the coop.

My DH and I bought the property FIL lives on. We moved a 35′ camper in while starting to build a home. (a very large awesome one! With storage areas and a classroom!!) To make a long story short, DH does not say “no” very well when people need to borrow $$ and my building fund got loaned out bit by bit and ended up being GONE. So after 9 months with 7 people in a 35 footer I told him he was going to buy me something real to live in or I just might snap! So we found a cute little 4 bedroom farmhouse on 30 acres a few miles from the church DH pastors and now I’m happy!


We show up at the FIL’s and as I walk out to the coop, I see chickens all over the yard. I’m thinking “Great, how am I going to catch those stupid things?” I had never let the chickens out before. I got out the feed can and managed to get 8 of the chickens into the coop, Stubby however does not like the coop and we liked to never got her into the stupid thing. I managed to grab all the babies and put them into a crate in the back of the pickup, DH ran the  “White Ladies” and Lucky  into the coop and nailed the door closed. I figured we’d go into the coop, get the others and shove them into the crate too. NOPE! DH decided they would be just fine in the coop and we proceeded to use a come-along and pull the coop up onto the trailer. (refresher** the coop is not really a coop, it’s a whelping house for bulldogs and made from stainless-it’s really stinking heavy!)

So after an hour and a half of chasing chickens and loading the coop, we have to tear down the run. I’m thinking this part will be easy. All in all, the tear down was easy…then we go to load it on the trailer. DH decides to move the coop back farther and put all the run material at the back of the trailer, shouldn’t be too hard, however FIL has went to cut wood and it’s just DH and me trying to move the thing. Have I mentioned that I’m a wimp? I don’t do a whole heck of a lot of physical labor. So after another hour of pushing and pulling we got the coop to the back of the trailer and all the run material loaded onto the trailer DH decides to get a few other things from storage. We ended up loading a trailer my FIL made from a stock tank and we couldn’t leave without the off-road-vehicle (AKA hose roller) and a few other items that have proven to come in pretty handy, I’ll have to admit.

4 Hours Later…

We FINALLY get back to the house with the coop and I am looking at DH like he’s nuts…he wants to tie the coop to the tree and pull it off the trailer! I’m freaking out thinking if my chickens even live through this they are never going to lay eggs again! I talk DH into calling a friend over to help unload the trailer, which may not have been the smartest thing either! We end up hooking the coop to a pickup and pulling it (slowly, thank the good Lord!) off the trailer into the spot we picked out for it.

After several hours of messing with the coop, it’s on the ground, and the chickens are all alive and in the coop. We waited until the next day to put the run on, after all, it was pitch black by the time we got the coop completely off the trailer and straightened out in its new location! All in all, the chickens were no worse for wear, I even got 3 eggs the day after moving them!


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