Lucky + Polka Dot rubber boots = UN-LUCKY

OK, Lucky is going to become UN-Lucky if the stupid thing does not quit flogging my rubber boots! I go outside and feed him and he floggs them, I let him out of the pen and he floggs them, I try to walk through the yard and he floggs them.
I’d catch the ignorant bird, but he’s too fast for me, plus, I’m a little chicken myself! LOL I’m gonna have to corner him one of these days and turn the stupid bird upside down and chuck him around a little bit before he quits I guess. I shouldn’t be scared of him, all the kids have turned him over and shook him around, but I just don’t like an animal or bird that will attack you in your own yard! He puffs all up, flaps his wings and crows at me, then floggs my feet if I get to close! Stupid stinking bird!

OK My rant is done! Lucky will live another day, but maybe not too many!

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