DD2 and the Polka-Dot Rubber boots

Well, I think I’ve figured out the reason the stinking rooster hates my boots.

My DD2 (darn in this case, not dear!) has been wearing them out to feed the chickens and when she runs out to the deep freeze. No big deal, but, when she does, she messes with Lucky. She kicks at him and pokes around at him with the “attitude adjuster” (that’s the big stick we keep by the door to smack the daylights out of him when he gets too ignorant) and basically just irritates him. 

Welp, two days ago DD2 decided it’s not all fun and games when the rooster doesn’t like you and you twist your ankle in a hole and fall over. Roosters like it when you fall, gives them a better chance to flog the fire out of you! So DD2 is lying on the ground in pain and here comes Lucky, chest all puffed up and wings out ready to flog away. Thankfully, DD2 was able to get up and grab the attitude adjuster before any damage was done. Now, 2 days later, she’s still hobbling around, I hope she’s learned her lesson!

My only regret is not being able to see these events take place. I think it’s really funny when people fall, especially when they’ve done something to deserve it! I would like for her to have gotten a little taste of what I get every time the ignorant bird sees me. I see a long chicken run in the near future, that stupid creature shouldn’t be allowed out in the yard.


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