I sucked it up, I faced my fear, I caught that stupid rooster! It helped that DD2 let all the “Ladies” out and made him stay in there so she could wrangle him around and then came in and said “Mom, are you going to go catch Lucky now?” Talk about pressure! I’ve got 5 kids looking at me wondering if I’m going to set the example here and catch that stupid bird that I’m afraid of.

So I said a little prayer, “Lord, please help me catch that stupid bird!” got up, put on my polka-dot rubber boots, coat and gloves, stomped out to the chicken coop and said, alright Lucky, I’ve had enough! I chased his stupid feathered hind end around for about 2 minutes grabbed him in mid-flight, flipped him upside down and held his leg and showed him my boots and asked him who was the boss now! I will say, he squawked a little at first, then I held him up for all the “Ladies” to see opened the coop, walked around with him (in stunned silence) and let the “Ladies” see how big of a man he was and flung him off to go hide. I walked back to the house (with one ear open LOL) like the Cock-of-the-walk.

Now I hope he gets the message, cause next time, I may be brave enough to pop his head off his shoulders and make pot pie! LOL

*If only someone had a camcorder! I bet God had a good laugh at me this morning!


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    Mel said,

    Your braver woman than I am. I say OFF WITH HIS HEAD!! LOL Conngratulations on your accomplishment. You faced your fear and are stronger because of it. I have no idea how such a small bird can put such fear in me but they sure do.

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