Hey ya’ll, watch this!

You know when you hear those words something bad, or really stupid, is about to happen.

DH is in the “flower room” building a shelf for all the books that he’s tired of seeing on the floor. I’m in the kitchen getting ready for the Christmas dinner that’s supposed to be at our house the next day. I hear one of the twins screaming, so I go to investigate. There she is, laying on the top shelf, bawling her eyes out and hanging on for dear life. In each shelf below her, is another child. Seems DH counted the shelves and thought “5 shelves, 5 kids, yep, they’ll fit” and stacked them all in. And, being the wonderful mom I am, I tell DD4 to hold on a second, and I went and got the camera, snapped a couple of shots and then let her down. You can’t miss an opportunity like that, you HAVE to have pictures! Besides, they won’t climb the shelves if they’re scared to death to be at the top!

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