Jesus’ Birthday

This was on a Facebook event invite and I really liked it, so I’m sharing it with you. This was written by Alistair Kent. Here’s the link, since it’s for an event, it may only be good until Christmas-I don’t know.!/event.php?eid=339660745018&index=1

I undertsand that the likelihood is that Jesus was not born on December 25th. But because we don’t know the exact date we’re sticking with Dec 25th, okay? I know also the history behind how Christmas came about and the pagan festival before it, but we’re not focusing on the origins we’re focusing on the Saviour coming to earth to live amongst us. And I know that the Bible doesn’t strictly tell us to celebrate Jesus Birthday, but I’ve had one this year so I guess it would be rude not to have one for Jesus (besides that, the Queen of England has two Birthdays, so how much more should the King of Kings have one!). And I also know we should celebrate him every day, but God loves special occasions (the Bible is full of them), so this is not a one off only annual celebration, but a special focal point for Christians to celebrate his coming (see note below). And finally, I know that most historians agree that the date of Jesus’ birth was more than likely a few years BC, but does it really matter how old he is? Let’s keep the main thing the main thing and celebrate the arrival of Jesus on the Earthly scene! 🙂

Just over two thousand years ago a baby boy was born. He changed the lives of so many. Even today, over two billion people claim to follow him. A book based on and around him was put into print a few hundred years ago and consistently ranks as the world’s best-seller. His name is Jesus. So significant was his birth, that every new day we enter into is a pointer back to that day.

Even though he was still God (the Son), why did he give up all his heavenly privileges and go so low as to become a human being and come and live on this Earth?

• HE CAME AS A LIGHT (John 12:46). No one anymore has to be left fumbling around in the darkness of disillusionment, despair or doubt.

• HE CAME AS LIVING BREAD (John 6:35). Bread sustains our natural bodies, but the bread that Jesus offers sustained our spirits forever.

• HE CAME AS A SERVANT. Not to do his will, but to do the will of his Father in heaven (John 6:38). What an example! Even in his power and might, he modeled servanthood and obedience to us, living a life perfectly in time with the heart beat of his Father.

• HE CAME TO DIVIDE (John 10:34). There are no grey areas with Jesus. You’re either on his side or on the other side.

• HE CAME TO FULFIL (matt 5:17)! There was much debate about the religious laws laid down by Moses. Jesus was not moving the Old Testament goalposts, he merely came to score a New Testament goal.

• HE CAME TO SAVE SINNERS (1 Tim 1:15). That means me, you and everybody else who ha s ever lived or who is living today. His name actually means ‘He Saves’. He may have been a carpenter by trade, but he operated in the business of saving lives from the penalty of sin – death.

• HE CAME WITH AN INVITATION for us to turn our lives inside out (Mark 2:17). He didn’t address those who thought they were spiritually-fit, but went out inviting ones who knew they were sin-sick.

• HE CAME AS A RANSOM (Matt 20:28). He gave away his life in exchange for the many who are held captive to sin. He paid the ultimate price to see multitudes set free without having to pay a penny themselves.

• HE CAME TO DIE (John 12:27). Every single moment of Jesus’ 33 years on this earth was pointing to hour of his death. If he hadn’t have died, then we wouldn’t be able to live out the life we were originally created to live before sin ruined it all.

• HE CAME AS KING to rule and reign for evermore (John 18:37). No political spin or dictatorship involved. He just came to proclaim the truth and said it as it is.

• HE CAME TO DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL (1 John 3:8). Sin and sickness, poverty and strife, death and everything else that stands against the people of God have all been dealt with at the cross where Jesus died. The devil has been disarmed.

• HE CAME SO THAT WE COULD LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX (John 10:10). None of this ‘half empty – half full’ stuff. Believers of Christ can experience not only a full quota of life, but a life that overflows into others’.

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