January Challenge


Challenge 1

Read your Bible every day for at least 15 minutes. If you already do, increase your time 15 minutes. Get up 20 minutes early, fix a cup of coffee and grab some peanut butter toast and read while you are eating. Start wherever you’d like. Review Sundays sermon, check up on the preacher! There are churches out there that do not have a pastor like ours, you may not even realize they are lying if you don’t know the Bible like you should. There are preachers out there that are only out there for a buck and really could care less about your spiritual health. They are there to preach a feel good message so they can get a few extra dollars they think will make them “feel good.” Another place to go is the next Sunday school lesson, study on it, the teacher will appreciate your input! Proverbs are great for someone seeking wisdom. Psalm have some wonderful chapters of praise. If you want, start at the beginning in Genesis! Just don’t forget to pray before you begin!

Challenge 2

Look for the good in others. We’re going to start this in our homes. Instead of telling the kids or your spouse negative things they do, praise them for the small things they’ve done! Tell your spouse how much you appreciate the things they do, the job they have to provide for the family, or the dinner that’s been prepared. You would be surprised how much better you could make someone’s day by telling them something so simple.

Challenge 3

The way we witness. We’re going to start simple. I want everyone from the newest convert to the longest saved to do this-SMILE! When you feel like crying, smile. When you are mad, smile. If you see someone who looks down and out, smile at them and tell them Jesus loves them. If you are a stay at home mom, when the kids make you want to pull your hair out, smile-leave the room and PRAY!!! (If you need to yell a little, put your head in the pillow and do it!)

Challenge 4

The way we look at ourselves. Don’t focus on the negative! Focus on letting God change things. Pray and ask God DAILY what He would have you to work on that day. He knows what the day has in store, He will be able to guide you in what you need to work on. I need to work on slothfulness. I hate to clean the house! HATE IT! Should I just hire a maid? I wish! No, but sometimes I plan to do an overwhelming amount of things in one day. Sometimes you are going to get woke up at 1 am to sick kids and not get a thing done, don’t get mad and short-tempered, sit back and enjoy holding the kids when they are sick, they won’t be little long and heaven knows they’re to busy to let you hold them just any time! (The house work won’t go anywhere, it’ll be there the next day when the kids feel better.) When you feel like a complete failure, PRAY! Don’t reach for an alternative, whether it be a candy bar, beer or cigarette, PRAY! God will help you through this one day at a time.

Challenge 5

The one we’ve all been waiting for! The get your body healthy challenge! This month we are going to try our hand at skipping the drive-thru. GASP! No burger and fries! Yep, skip the drive-thru. If you feel you must have fast food, park in the spot farthest from the door, walk all the way in, and order, wait, and walk all the way back to the car, oh, and opt for a side salad instead of fries, just go easy on the dressing. If you have to get out of the car anyway, go to the grocery store and get a salad and some fresh fruit, or grab a sub, they usually have those in the deli-skip the fried food! If you don’t feel like going to a place you have to go in, bring leftovers from the night before or that you’ve frozen from one of the church dinners! We all know we bring way too much and have a ton left! If you’re out later than expected, do the same thing, hit the grocery store and grab some fruit, cheese, yogurt or something easy to eat in hand. Try to stay away from processed meats, they are really bad for you! BTW-if you opt to bring your lunch to work, that gives you extra time to read the Bible and pray! You’ll also save on gas and food expenses! I’m going easy! I was going to have you skip the fast food all together! I think if you really want it, get it, but you’re going to have to work a little harder for it! We’ll see how important McD’s really is! (or Taco Bell in my case!)



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