February Challenge

Challenge 1  Now that you’re reading your Bible daily, we’re going to work on prayer. I want everyone, not just every family, EVERYONE, to get a newsletter every Sunday and start praying for the people on the prayer list. People will be amazed at the healing, souls saved and lives changed if we just do this. Start out by reading through the list and asking God to help you to remember a few of the requests through the day and when God brings them to your memory, say a quick prayer for them. By the end of this challenge, we want to have the people in the surrounding towns and counties talking about what God has done in this community! There is so much negative press about churches and pastors and what-ever happened 20 years ago when someone got their feelings hurt, we want to be the reason people WANT to come to church, not the reason they DON”T!!

Challenge 2 We’ve been looking for the good in others. We started out in our homes. Now lets look at people we deal with on a day-to-day basis outside of our homes. When you show up at work, school or when you see your neighbor outside, work on looking at the good in them. It may be a simple thing like their smile or new hair cut, or it may be something deeper like the steps they have taken to overcome an addiction, or how they’ve grown in their walk with the Lord. It may even be harder to see the good if that someone has wronged you. Let’s say they have spread rumors in the past about you or someone you love. Ask God to help you get over that. That is going to be the first step in seeing the good in them. Forgive them and ask God to help you go to them and tell them you love them. This is hard, but if it were easy, everyone that said they were a Christian truly would be! Let’s try to concentrate on the positive again this month. Your day will go much better when you think positive instead of negative thoughts.

Challenge 3 The way we witness. We’ve been smiling, let’s keep it up! When someone looks at you, can they tell you love the Lord or do they see the frown and want to avoid you? Sing a song, for those of you who don’t like to sing out loud-sing it in your head, or turn the radio up so loud people can’t hear you over it! See if you can find a CD with some old church hymns on it. When you surround yourself with the Lord, Satan does not want to be near, remember, he cannot abide in the LIGHT!

Challenge 4 The way we look at ourselves. Let’s keep asking God to reveal the things in our lives that need to be changed! Don’t worry about the past, it can’t be changed. Change the present! If there is something you used to do that Satan is bringing up remember it’s something you USED to do and not something you STILL do! If it’s something you’re still doing and you get the feeling it’s wrong, it just may be God trying to convict you to not do it anymore! Anything that may harm your body (which is the temple of God-remember?) needs to be changed. I know it doesn’t say “Thou shalt not chew, smoke, over-eat, or whatever” but if it’s something you KNOW is harmful to your health, let’s work on changing it!

Challenge 5 The healthy challenge. Keep avoiding the drive-thru! This month we’re going to skip out on the soda and tea. I know it’s really going to be tough! We used to go through at least a 12 pack of Mountain Dew a day, not a week a DAY! We quit buying soda and now we drink about a gallon of tea a day. I don’t think God ment for us to find a different habit when we quit a bad one! So as of Feb. 1 the soda and tea has to go. Did you know that 1 12 oz. can of soda a day will add 10 lbs a year to your body? Even diet soda is bad, the stuff they use to sweeten it, man-made it and it’s nothing but chemicals. God didn’t create our bodies to digest and use chemicals, He made it to digest and use the things He gave us, water, veggies (not the GMO kind either) and animals. I know it’s hard, but your body will thank you by spring when you want to go outside again!


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