Hillbilly Sled

I’m sure you all have had your share of experiences with cheap plastic.

We bought 3 $6.50 sacuer sleds when the first snow flakes fell. After 6 hineys and about as many days, they all were cracked beyond use.

My DH got a call from a church member inviting us over for dinner, he asked us to bring sleds for the kiddos to go down the hill behind his house. Well, DH was determined to find something in the shed to use. He was moving the bunk bed and set the “keep you from falling off the top” rail on the ground and it went sliding across the ground. I wish I would have seen the lightbulb go off over his head!

DH pulls out the top frame…the WHOLE top…and proceeds to screw it back together for a sled. We get this thing loaded in the pickup and off we go.

Well, I didn’t take my camera…DUH! But I DID have it the next day when we went sledding down the hill by the cemetery…(I only got 2 pictures, the batteries didn’t hold up to the cold so well)


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