I know I’ve only been posting a couple of months, but it’s time for me to go.

I’m doing a Beth Moore study called Breaking Free and she’s challenged us to remove anything that is holding us in bondage. In MY eyes I’m not bonded to the internet, but, according to DH I spend too much time on Facebook and not enough time on house work. Be that as it may…I gotta keep up with what’s going on right?

Ok, maybe not.

I’ve fallen in to the “gossip mill” that is Facebook. I admit, I’m nosey, I like to know what’s going on. I like to keep up with events. But do I REALLY need to check FB every hour-on the hour? Nope. I don’t. I LIKE to, but I don’t NEED to. Do I need to clean the house? Unfortunately-YES!  Do I need to set an example for my children to follow? YES!! And that’s a BIG YES! What they see me do, they imitate.

I’ve noticed that I’m becoming my parents as I get older. There are some areas they failed miserably in (as will I) and some they excelled in (I’m hoping that I can hit this one too!). Just like every parent out there, I want my kids to have it better than I did when I was a kid. It’s taken me a long time to realize better doesn’t mean that my kids need everything handed to them, they need to learn how to do things for themselves, and how to work.  America as a whole has really lost its work ethic!

I have officially run a rabbit…back on track…

I thought about just closing my Facebook account. Then I asked myself  “Will I really stay off the computer if I still have internet?” I thought about it. Then I prayed about it. Funny how you really don’t want to pray about something you already have an answer for huh? And I broke down and admitted to myself that I would just replace facebook with something else online. Just as I replaced going through the drive thru with parking and going in (I really like to eat Taco Bell and Dairy Queen) and in the past replaced tea for soda. I’m going to go back a little further and say just as I replaced God with alcohol, sex and hanging out, I always find a replacement.

I want my internet replacement to be GOD! I want to get into His word, find out HOW to better raise my family and set the example for my children. As I said, my kids will live according to the example I set for them. I want them to see a mom who LOVES God whole-heartedly, loves her husband and treats him with respect (and for DS how his DDaddy loves and respects his momma). I want my girls to know I love them and that they don’t have to “look” like everyone else. True beauty is on the inside and a boy should have to go through God to be able to get to them. I’ve heard it said (and I agree!) “If you’re not in business, don’t advertise” I want my girls to be modest, I’m not saying they have to wear skirts to the floor and sleeves to their wrists to be modest, but do they really need to have their (developing) chests hanging out and their curves flaunted? Nope! How can I tell my DS to look on the heart of a girl, that he needs to find one that GOD would have for him when all he sees is the chest in front of the heart? I want my son to know I love him and that if he turns out just like his daddy that it would tickle me pink!

How can I accomplish this when 75% of my day I’m on the computer or phone checking Facebook? I can’t.

So, with all that being said.

I’m going to keep my blog active, disable my Facebook, and maybe (big maybe) go to the library every now and again and post on here how things are going. I’d like to promise I’ll update, but this may be something I need to completely remove from my life altogether. I kind of have an addictive personality when it comes to this…

Pray for me! Pray for my husband and children! But most of all, pray that God will use me (and you) as an example for His glory!

I love you all!


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