I recently read a facebook post and it really got me thinking, so I’m going to pass it on to ya’ll.

If you woke up tomorrow and only had the things you thanked God for yesterday, what would you have?

WOW!! Did that ever get me thinking! Did I thank the Lord for my husband today? My children, how about my parents? Or most importantly, did I thank God for what Jesus did for me on Calvary and for my salvation?

I find that I thank God more for the little things as well as the big things he’s given me. As a matter of fact, I find myself thanking God a lot more often…while I’m cooking, thank you Lord for my cool-e-o mixer and electricity! While I’m doing laundry, thank you Lord for my washing machine, I’m thankful I don’t have to use a bar of soap and washboard, and again for electricity! While I’m alone (rarely!!), thank you Lord for my children, it’s so quiet when they’re gone! I even enjoy the bickering more when they’re not home! LOL And for my husband! Thank you Lord for the wonderful God-fearing man you gave me! He’s a wonderful daddy, a wonderful husband and most importantly he’s a wonderful pastor with a heart for his church! He truly lives what he believes and makes it know where he stands on issues…and he stands firm on them! And most importantly, thank you Lord for your son Jesus, who was crucified for ME and is risen and sitting on your right hand waiting for me to come live with you for eternity one day! Thank you for my salvation, that my children my know you and that they may also one day live with you in glory! I thank you Lord for the change in my life that my children don’t have to grow up with a mother and father that drink and curse and ship them off at every opportunity. I also thank you Lord for the change I’ve seen in others when you touch their lives! I thank you Lord for the opportunity to see a newly married couple get saved, quit drinking and worship you without abandon and look forward to welcoming a new baby into the world with YOU in their lives that they may not have to go through the things DH and I did when we were first married. I also thank you Lord for the change in a man who was hooked on drugs and alcohol. I thank you Lord for allowing me to watch this man and his family grow in their faith and surrendering to preach your word and watching them bring another little life into their family and bring him up according to your will. I also thank you Lord for the miracle that you are doing in the life of a baby, born at 28 weeks at a mere 2 lb. and 3 oz. I watch as you cradle this baby in your arms and help him grow, with no ventilator and no serious health problems. I thank you Lord for the way this baby boy is touching the lives of his mommy and daddy and the church binding together and praying for him. I thank you Lord for sending us back to a church, where I honestly did not want to go, but went on your promise that there were wonderful things in store for your people there. I thank you Lord for the VBS we just finished and the 6 young lives saved. I thank you Lord for a church that will help nurture these young people to live a Godly life and go on to live for you. Lastly Lord, I thank you for giving me instructions for life and not leaving me to piece the puzzle together without a picture. The Bible is MY Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth and I pray Lord that others would not be conformed to this world and it’s ever-changing versions and that they would realize the errors that are not in the KJV but are in other versions. I pray Lord that I would raise my family to hold to the old ways and to teach the importance of being in your house when the doors are open, not just Sunday morning but Sunday evening and Wednesday nights too. Lord help my children to desire the word of life that they would live according to your will and not falter. In Jesus name I pray…AMEN!



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