Sorry it’s been so long!!

Many of you probably do not know, but my FIL was in a motorcycle wreck on Labor day. He is still in the ICU unit. He’s doing much better and can talk now…but…he’s still not outta the woods.

I’ll kind of give you the condensed (as possible) version:

11:40-ish am Labor day: Gra-pa (that’s what we call him) was going to see his gf when he pulled into the side of a semi trailer hauling hay bales. He went a total of 82 feet before coming to a stop.

Gra-pa is life-lined to the local hospital with head injuries and loss of blood. He also lost his elbow and the side of his right hand on the highway.

The dr.’s intubate him, breathing was a concern, put a tube in his head to monitor pressure and did a surgery on his hand, the elbow was going to have to wait. The dr. only cleaned and pinned the hand together. Was given a 40% chance of surviving, only 20% of that to NOT be in a vegetive state.

Day 5: Gra-pa’s doing great, following commands, dr.’s talk about sending him to rehab.

Day 6: Gra-pa’s tube removed, given pain meds, falls asleep….deeply….quits breating, almost dies, has to have emergency intubation. During all this, Gra-pa has an atrial fibrillation (his heart fluttered) and it shot blood clots throughout his body. Within 6 minutes, med’s administered to break up clots.

Day 7: DH and I notice Gra-pa’s belly getting really distended, told nurses, they noted it…did they do anything…don’t know.

Day 8: White blood count skyrockets…40+ thousand. Send Gra-pa for a ct scan. As soon as dr. sees ct scan: Calls dh and tells him that if he does not do surgery right now, Gra-pa will die.

Day 8/9 overnight: Gra-pa goes in for “exploratory” surgery. Dr.’s end up removing 75% of the intestines…Say that a person can live on 100 cm., Gra-pa’s close to that.

Day ??: This is about the time I completely lose all track of days. DH is on his 2nd week off of work (total of 3 1/2 weeks off) and we’ve been at the hospital 85% of the time. Poor kiddos, they spent a few days at the hospital, but mostly entertained themselves and did schoolwork at home.

Gra-pa’s got a wound vac now, his belly is completely open, with this thing basically vacuum sealed to it. Goes on to have 3 more surgeries on his intestines. God intervened! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!! The dr. measured his small intestine…120 cm. More than he thought was there!

One day would be great, the next Gra-pa would almost be dead. It was a real emotional roller coaster around here…

Gra-pa goes on to have 3 “ostomy” bags put in. One at the end of his stomach, one on his colon, and one on the small intestine. None of them are attached together. This stops the infection, white blood count returns to almost normal.

Good days, bad days…

Gra-pa has another infection…yeast in his blood. The give him powerful antifungal meds. This works, after leaving a very bad yeast infection in his mouth….Keep in mind, the intestines are not connected, he’s not eaten for weeks at this point…lost 100+ pounds, and is very weak.

Family comes in (again) throws a big fit to have him moved to a different facility. HAPPENS!

Last week or 2…Gra-pa’s in the new facility, now talking, doing good. Still has good and bad days, but the good are starting to out way the bad.

Keep our family in your prayers…God knows who Gra-pa is! Please pray for him!


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    Donna Climer said,

    Thanks for update. Will tell church Wednesday night. Our God is amazing!!!

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