Update on Gra-pa

Welp, it’s sure been a LONG 4 1/2 months! Gra-pa is still in the hospital, every time we try to bring him home it seems like something else happens!

Gra-pa was able to go to my SIL’s house Dec. 15, and he was there for about 2 days when the ostomy from his stomach came out…yes OUT! He started to vomit and bile was everywhere from ostomy leakage and vomiting, I’m glad I wasn’t on duty at this time, I may not have made it! SO, Gra-pa went back into the ICU to have a feeding tube placed in his stomach, except they aren’t pumping things in, they’re pumping things out. He was there for about 2 weeks.

At the end of the 2 weeks they sent him to a step down facility where they put him on a different pain medication. At this point, Gra-pa is nauseated and feels like his stomach is cramping up. I’m thinking stomach flu, since everyone we know has had it, or a problem with the surgery site. SIL, who works at a pharmacy, had the pharmacist look up the side effects from the new meds, found out that’s what was causing his stomach pain and called the Dr. and had him change the pain meds. Gra-pa gets better with different meds! YAY!

Now, keep in mind, he’s not had a bite to eat since Labor day…NOTHING! He’s a little on the crabby side, and he gets pretty emotional about having to stay in the hospital, but all things considered, he’s doing good. But by this point, he’s went from 280 lbs. to 165, which is quite a big weight drop! His muscle tone is also decreasing. He’s able to walk with a one sided walker (kind of  a half walker, hard to explain), but they don’t want him to put pressure on his right arm because they haven’t done anything with this arm yet. His hand has healed up pretty good, his pinkey is curled up, I don’t know what the Dr.’s plan on doing with his arm, they’re still just trying to keep him healthy enough to do his intestine surgery in late Feb. early March.

Last week he was able to go home, AGAIN, but this time less than 12 hours. He had a slight fever when he left the hospital, but they said that was from all the excitement from the day. He had had an appointment at 8 am with a Dr. outside the hospital, then came back and got all his discharge stuff in order. (Which, if any of you have been in the hospital, know takes FOREVER!) And of course, the nurse and SIL had to go over EVERYTHING that is associated with his feeding tube, pic lines, draining the ostomy bags….all that stuff. ANYWAY, the home health nurse came in at noon the following day and found he had a temperature of 101, calls the ambulance and takes him back to the hospital. UGH!!

When the nurses check him and do all the routine blood tests, urine tests and all the poking and prodding that goes on in the ER, they find he’s got a kidney infection…from the step down not changing his catheter. So, now he’s back in the hospital on antibiotics AGAIN, waiting for this infection to go away.

I really don’t think they are going to let him come home again until his intestines are all connected, which, really is a good thing, everyone’s been sick with the stomach flu, sinus gunk and the general icky stuff that goes around in the winter time. DH and I have only seen him a handful of times since mid-December since we’ve been passing the crud around here.

All in all, things are going ok, Gra-pa’s not healthy, but he’s stable and on track to still be re-connected in a month or so. His spirits waver between high and low which is expected, and everyone misses him terribly! Just keep the family in your prayers, that’s what’s kept him going this long!


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