Update on Gra-pa

MAN! It has been a long, busy few months!

Gra-pa is still our roller coaster! A little over a month ago the reconnected his intestines. They didn’t have enough to connect his small and large intestines together, so he will have to have a colostomy bag, but the Dr. said that was actually a good thing because his bowel was so short, that things would run through very quickly and he’d better stay close to the bathroom….

BUT~ He is able to eat now! He can have things like applesauce, jello, broth…not a gourmet meal, but better than nothing! He is also allowed to have COFFEE! Major plus! He prefers Folgers, so he’s not drinking much coffee, hospital coffee is just not really the best thing around.

We did have a little scare a couple of weeks ago, he was running a fever, had really bad stomach cramps and they didn’t know what was wrong, they thought it was a blood infection so they gave him a bunch of antibiotics…nothing. We were told, once again, that he may not make it… Then they ran a CT scan and found that the tube they still had in his stomach had shifted (Gra-pa has a tendency to tug around on them…) and so they fixed that and all was good again!

He’s still not completely out of the woods, until everything heals and he stays in the hospital, there is a chance of infection and something going wrong…his immune system is super weak. So please continue to pray for him! Pray for quick healing and that he doesn’t get discouraged, that has been the biggest battle of them all, too much time on his hands to do nothing and Satan likes idle people, especially ones who have no choice but to be idle!


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