Are you IN the game?

As I was waiting for some back ordered products to post this morning, I was killing time of Facebook, playing Angry Birds and chasing that elusive 1st place trophy. I noticed several of the girls with the company waiting on the products too. Some of us were on at midnight, some at 5 a.m. When all of the sudden…WHACK! I had one of those smack-ya-upside-the-head (an heart) moments. Here we are, a bunch of professing Christians, up at the midnight and pre-dawn hours waiting for…not something glorious…but a piece of metal.

What if we were up during those hours reading Gods word? Or praying for lost loved ones? Maybe praying for healing? Or how about praying for our country and its leaders? Um, I don’t know about you, but I think this country is about as far away from God as I’d like to see it get! But who’s fault is that? Is it the ones who want to live an alternative lifestyle because they were “born that way”? Maybe it’s the ones who want to have the right to decide what goes on in their body? No, I bet it’s the ones who enjoy alcohol and drugs so much that they’ll do anything they need to get their next drink or high!

But what if it’s not? What if it’s our fault? What if the Christians would take a stand with what they allow in their homes and in their churches? What if we were on our knees praying for our country and leaders? What if we were praying for those with alternative lifestyles, those who don’t know the precious life growing inside them is a gift from God, those who sell themselves and their family away for something to put in the hole that only the saving grace of Jesus Christ can fill?

God did not put us here to sit on the sidelines! In 2 Kings chapter 2 it talks of Elijah and Elisha traveling together. Elijah knew he was going to be taken by God and encourages Elisha to stay behind. Elisha refuses, so they travel on. Several times Elijah tells Elisha to stay, but again he refuses. In verse 7 we read of 50 men standing afar off, what are they watching for? Are they waiting for a miracle? Or a tradgedy? Are they afraid to get too close? Afraid of what might happen to them if they do?

In verse 9 Elijah says to Elisha “Ask what I shall do for thee”. I don’t know if Elijah knew what Elisha would ask or if he just wanted Elisha to say the words, but I do know this, Elisha was not hesitant in his answer! Elisha responded to Elijah “I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.” WOW!

Are we looking for a double portion? Are we forgetting that we aren’t called to be on the sidelines watching for a miracle? (And we sure aren’t supposed to be desiring tradgedy either!) Are we in the game? Are we asking for a double portion of God’s spirit?

It’s time we get in the game!


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    OOPS! Got in a hurry! Tradgedy=tragedy! LOL got all happy with the “d” this morning…TWICE!

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