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I sucked it up, I faced my fear, I caught that stupid rooster! It helped that DD2 let all the “Ladies” out and made him stay in there so she could wrangle him around and then came in and said “Mom, are you going to go catch Lucky now?” Talk about pressure! I’ve got 5 kids looking at me wondering if I’m going to set the example here and catch that stupid bird that I’m afraid of.

So I said a little prayer, “Lord, please help me catch that stupid bird!” got up, put on my polka-dot rubber boots, coat and gloves, stomped out to the chicken coop and said, alright Lucky, I’ve had enough! I chased his stupid feathered hind end around for about 2 minutes grabbed him in mid-flight, flipped him upside down and held his leg and showed him my boots and asked him who was the boss now! I will say, he squawked a little at first, then I held him up for all the “Ladies” to see opened the coop, walked around with him (in stunned silence) and let the “Ladies” see how big of a man he was and flung him off to go hide. I walked back to the house (with one ear open LOL) like the Cock-of-the-walk.

Now I hope he gets the message, cause next time, I may be brave enough to pop his head off his shoulders and make pot pie! LOL

*If only someone had a camcorder! I bet God had a good laugh at me this morning!



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DD2 and the Polka-Dot Rubber boots

Well, I think I’ve figured out the reason the stinking rooster hates my boots.

My DD2 (darn in this case, not dear!) has been wearing them out to feed the chickens and when she runs out to the deep freeze. No big deal, but, when she does, she messes with Lucky. She kicks at him and pokes around at him with the “attitude adjuster” (that’s the big stick we keep by the door to smack the daylights out of him when he gets too ignorant) and basically just irritates him. 

Welp, two days ago DD2 decided it’s not all fun and games when the rooster doesn’t like you and you twist your ankle in a hole and fall over. Roosters like it when you fall, gives them a better chance to flog the fire out of you! So DD2 is lying on the ground in pain and here comes Lucky, chest all puffed up and wings out ready to flog away. Thankfully, DD2 was able to get up and grab the attitude adjuster before any damage was done. Now, 2 days later, she’s still hobbling around, I hope she’s learned her lesson!

My only regret is not being able to see these events take place. I think it’s really funny when people fall, especially when they’ve done something to deserve it! I would like for her to have gotten a little taste of what I get every time the ignorant bird sees me. I see a long chicken run in the near future, that stupid creature shouldn’t be allowed out in the yard.

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Lucky + Polka Dot rubber boots = UN-LUCKY

OK, Lucky is going to become UN-Lucky if the stupid thing does not quit flogging my rubber boots! I go outside and feed him and he floggs them, I let him out of the pen and he floggs them, I try to walk through the yard and he floggs them.
I’d catch the ignorant bird, but he’s too fast for me, plus, I’m a little chicken myself! LOL I’m gonna have to corner him one of these days and turn the stupid bird upside down and chuck him around a little bit before he quits I guess. I shouldn’t be scared of him, all the kids have turned him over and shook him around, but I just don’t like an animal or bird that will attack you in your own yard! He puffs all up, flaps his wings and crows at me, then floggs my feet if I get to close! Stupid stinking bird!

OK My rant is done! Lucky will live another day, but maybe not too many!

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Moving the coop

Here’s a little background on the events leading to the moving of the coop.

My DH and I bought the property FIL lives on. We moved a 35′ camper in while starting to build a home. (a very large awesome one! With storage areas and a classroom!!) To make a long story short, DH does not say “no” very well when people need to borrow $$ and my building fund got loaned out bit by bit and ended up being GONE. So after 9 months with 7 people in a 35 footer I told him he was going to buy me something real to live in or I just might snap! So we found a cute little 4 bedroom farmhouse on 30 acres a few miles from the church DH pastors and now I’m happy!


We show up at the FIL’s and as I walk out to the coop, I see chickens all over the yard. I’m thinking “Great, how am I going to catch those stupid things?” I had never let the chickens out before. I got out the feed can and managed to get 8 of the chickens into the coop, Stubby however does not like the coop and we liked to never got her into the stupid thing. I managed to grab all the babies and put them into a crate in the back of the pickup, DH ran the  “White Ladies” and Lucky  into the coop and nailed the door closed. I figured we’d go into the coop, get the others and shove them into the crate too. NOPE! DH decided they would be just fine in the coop and we proceeded to use a come-along and pull the coop up onto the trailer. (refresher** the coop is not really a coop, it’s a whelping house for bulldogs and made from stainless-it’s really stinking heavy!)

So after an hour and a half of chasing chickens and loading the coop, we have to tear down the run. I’m thinking this part will be easy. All in all, the tear down was easy…then we go to load it on the trailer. DH decides to move the coop back farther and put all the run material at the back of the trailer, shouldn’t be too hard, however FIL has went to cut wood and it’s just DH and me trying to move the thing. Have I mentioned that I’m a wimp? I don’t do a whole heck of a lot of physical labor. So after another hour of pushing and pulling we got the coop to the back of the trailer and all the run material loaded onto the trailer DH decides to get a few other things from storage. We ended up loading a trailer my FIL made from a stock tank and we couldn’t leave without the off-road-vehicle (AKA hose roller) and a few other items that have proven to come in pretty handy, I’ll have to admit.

4 Hours Later…

We FINALLY get back to the house with the coop and I am looking at DH like he’s nuts…he wants to tie the coop to the tree and pull it off the trailer! I’m freaking out thinking if my chickens even live through this they are never going to lay eggs again! I talk DH into calling a friend over to help unload the trailer, which may not have been the smartest thing either! We end up hooking the coop to a pickup and pulling it (slowly, thank the good Lord!) off the trailer into the spot we picked out for it.

After several hours of messing with the coop, it’s on the ground, and the chickens are all alive and in the coop. We waited until the next day to put the run on, after all, it was pitch black by the time we got the coop completely off the trailer and straightened out in its new location! All in all, the chickens were no worse for wear, I even got 3 eggs the day after moving them!

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The Snake And Little Girl

The Snake

One morning DD2 goes out to the coop. She comes in hysterical. “One of the babies is dead!” So I go out to check to see what’s going on in the coop. There at the edge of the cage lays one of the little black chicks (they are about 9 weeks at this point, so they’re getting big) all stretched out like one of the rubber chickens you see in a joke store. I get the shovel and take out the poor little thing and set it on a sawhorse that’s next to the coop. I’m curious as to what happened to the thing, it doesn’t look like anything is wrong with it. There’s a little gooey schmutz on it’s head, but I figured it was poo from the other chicks.

I get the baby chick in a bag and put on the back of FIL’s pick up. We had just burned the trash and I didn’t want the dog and cats out there eating it and getting the taste of chicken and wanting some more! While talking to FIL, he says it looks like it smothered. And I come to the natural conclusion that it was a snake. FIL AND DH think I’m crazy, “snakes can’t get in that coop” they say “besides, the rooster will get them if they do.” I’m not as convinced as they are, so I go on believing a snake got the chick.

2 weeks later…Little Girl

I get another “white lady” from BFF, another saved from the chopping block because she was so tiny, she was 12 weeks old and was about 1/2 the size of my 11 week old chicks, so she was named “Little Girl.” The babies do have names btw, I just can’t tell them apart, the kids say they can, but I sure can’t. I’ll try to get names and pictures of them later.

By this time, the babies and the layers are loose together and they seemed to have a pecking order pretty well in control. THEY DO NOT LIKE LITTLE GIRL! So I put the crate back in the coop and separate her, thinking if they see her long enough in there they’ll be used to her by the time she gets big enough to fend them off.

A couple days go by, nothing spectacular to report. Then one morning I go to check the coop, glad it was me and not one of the kids, they would have FREAKED OUT! There curled up in the corner under one of the milk crates is a black snake checking out what he thought would be his next meal. Thank the Lord DH was home and I was able to pry the snakes nasty head down until DH came and chopped it off for me. That bugger was about 5 feet long. (and I’ve got experience with ones about that size…rainy day story)

Well, Little Girl and the others were safe for a while longer. Then about a week later I hear frantic yelling from the coop again. Little Girl somehow managed to get her head stuck in one of the bars and broke her neck. So at this point I’m down to the 3 white ladies, Lucky, and the 5 babies. I didn’t do so great with death to start, but I hear that’s just part of farm life and I’m learning slowly to deal with it.


Next…Moving “The Ladies” to their new home. And Lucky too.

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Forgot to tell you how I got Lucky. Hmm, that don’t sound very nice! Let me re-phrase! How I got the rooster and how he got his name. LOL MUCH BETTER!!

Anywho…My FIL was at the BFF’s helping her DH butcher chickens they had gotten from the Amish. FIL thought we needed a rooster, after all, ladies need a man around! LOL So out of 30+ roosters Lucky was named, tied up and put in FIL’s back floorboard and brought to us.

Yes, you read that right! FIL tied his legs together with some string and stuck him in the floorboard of his CAR–WITHOUT a bag or anything–and drove him home!

I have a problem with anything being loose in the car, one day I may share the story of the snake in the suburban….I no longer have the suburban….long story….for another day!

So, that’s Lucky’s story. Short and Sweet!

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The Babies

So DH and I go to Orschlen’s with “The Crew” and pick out 6 of the cutest baby chicks EVER! (Keep in mind, I’m a city gal and I’ve had cats, dogs, and the occasional fish-and I’m not really a farmer I just play one on TV. LOL) As a matter of fact, I didn’t know what KIND of chickens I had until 4 days ago! The BFF and I were discussing what I needed to do to get baby chicks in the spring and figured I’d better figure out what they were. Lucky and they layers are “eaters” and I’m not really sure what they are…I looked at pictures of chickens online….that didn’t help. LOL  But, I remembered seeing sex link pullets on the sign when I picked them out, but being the city gal I am, I thought that meant they were girls, I didn’t realize that was the breed. It was real easy to find them online though! LOL I just found 6 that were cute, ran away from me the fastest (I thought that meant they were healthier) and were bred for egg production.

So, 6 babies-3 red, 3 black, made it home in a box smaller than a Happy Meal box at 10:00 PM because, being the “farmers” we are, we got a wild hair at 6:00 to drive the 25 miles to get them. Once we got there we decided to look at them for an hour, look around the store, and look at the chicks AGAIN to pick them out and drive 25 miles BACK home!

Remember I said 10:00 PM? It’s hard to see at 10:00 PM! We get out the flashlights, crate, water bowl, and feed bowl and trapse to the coop. We shoo the layers out in the run so they aren’t trying to escape out the door, set the crate (which is one of those portable wire dog crate things), get the food and water in. As I’m setting the water in I hear one of the chicks making all kinds of racket. Teddy, the chow dog, decided to pick one out of the box (guess he thought it was a 6 pc. nugget happy meal too). Luckly, he’s a good listener and when I turned around and hollered, he dropped the chick. So at 10:45 we finally have all 6 chicks in their new home, the layers and Lucky back inside and all is well!

Next, we’ll hear about “The Snake”

The Rooster, Hens, and Babies (now refered to as “The Ladies” since I’m getting eggs)

Lucky     Broody     Spike     Stubby and the Babies (no names yet!)

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